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Project-based forever

May 15th, 2008

I am personally interested in hypothetical scenarios. “Doing something” in Skopje despite the fact that it seems way to peripheral when comparing to other capitals in Europe, seemed at first a strange decision for an emerging artists. I wondered with whom and how I could work and maybe the interest into the hypothetical can be exercised from a safe distance, let say Berlin. But with time I understood that the main motivation for my involvement in the cultural discourse in Macedonia comes from the conviction that a change of the preconceived and outmoded definitions of what is artistic, social and political involvement in our cultural context is actually more provocative here, in a place that is somehow left out from the wider international discourse. (more…)

Perpetual Yesterday

August 31st, 2007

img_1654Everlasting, holding on for life, for unlimited time, a need occurring continually, indefinitely blooming in the mind… On the day proceeding today… The time not long past, the ghost of “something ours” that extends in every direction and finds a way to always pull us back while we try to move away from all of that. (more…)

Guilt Trip

August 31st, 2007

road-trip-lhe-096I am the monument resting up the hill. You are the visitor, the pilgrim of history, snapping photos, using a limited language to explain the notion of my importance, happy to admire that which you hardly understand. I deserve every compliment you’ll awkwardly articulate while staring at me. I am the best and the most interesting thing you’ve seen in a while, I am a marvel of historic authenticity and you cannot compare me to anything else, that is how good I am. (more…)

Emotional Jukebox

August 31st, 2007

img_1617Give me that song, and the next one, and the one after that, play me the whole album, everything you think I will (already) know, everything you still remember knowing, because me and you, we need that which needs no translation, and we are going to take the space we need now, to relate – and be awkwardly brilliant together. (more…)

Parallel Historical Narrations

August 14th, 2007

oskar1What could have happened if the architect Oskar Hansen would have won the competition for Skopje’s Museum of Contemporary Art?

Meant to become a symbol of the city’s progress and “immortality” following the devastating earthquake on 26th of July 1963, the competition for the best design of a new art institution was organized by the Polish government as a gesture of solidarity and was open exclusively to architects from Poland and other Eastern Block countries. (more…)

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