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The Left-Right Confusion

August 10th, 2007

left_right_confusion_be_gone-shirtstatscomAt first we didn’t notice, but when we arrived in her native city Niš, it became rapidly clear that our travelling companion Dubravka had a serious left-right problem. While guiding us through the city she consistently switched the directions for left and right. After a few detours because of this and great laughs when we found out what was happening, she started to correct herself by contradiction (Left! No, I mean – right!). (more…)

Quality Kitsch

August 10th, 2007

kitch.jpgFor a visiting architect from an ordered society like the Netherlands the stylistic excellence of architectural kitsch that can be found everywhere in the so-called wild developments in the Balkans is truly amazing. Novi Sad shows beautiful Italian villas, illegally built on top of a hill overlooking the city, but so well done. Nis brings a row of houses (probably built by Kosovo refugees), all built individually and all expressing particular sentimentalities or desires, but which such a stylistic coherence. And the Rom community of Shutka in Skopje showcases self-built palaces, built by people who work in Austria, Italy or Greece. (more…)

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