Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


Non-aligned Normalisation

November 21st, 2008

ordos_100modelsLook out for Ordos, a new capital city in the Ordos Mongolian desert located in the North of China. – More than 100 architects worked on a design for this new settlement on the edge of a large desert, and now we have the first results and maybe the notion of its first inhabitants. – The architecture itself coming from all corners of the globes invokes the Balkans’ lively patterns of distinct shapes, all in contradiction with each other, all seeking attention through distinction. No house is the same. – While the architects were in the desert to present the schemes to the city’s curator Ai Weiwei and a panel of builders, on Saturday, 28 June 2008, The Guardian magazine published a column written by Jonathan Steele. Not knowing about the Ordos settlement Steele wrote in his column that the world should learn from the Balkans about how to deal with war criminals. They were all sent to live comfortably abroad in the prison of the International Tribunal in the Den Haag – that is all those who were caught. Why wouldn’t, Steele writes, the world provide Robert Mugabe with a similar luxury scenario by retiring him abroad? Here is the quote: “…tell Mugabe to go into retirement, elsewhere…or preferably to a villa in China. ” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/jun/28/zimbabwe.serbia) (more…)