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The ability to give maximal confidence to the other; to proclaim brotherhood with another person (not family related) of different tribe, culture, nation or race. Also: the profiling of identities and distinctions in characters inside the same or the similar. For example: a father has five children. The brothers – as much similar they are – would like to differ between themselves, to build their own particular identities. They all speak the same language, but they say – My language now will be called Montenegrin, mine will be Serbian, mine Croatian, mine Bosnian…

cash machine screen - choose the language

Image: A cash-machine screen in Podgorica. After the separation of Yugoslavia 4 of its former regions that used to speak the same language officially called Serbo-Croat, now denominate their languages as: Serbian, Croat, Bosnian and Montenegrin – four ‘different’ languages.

Vahida Ramujkic & Alessandro Floris

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