Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


Collective Contract

May 14th, 2008

The question is, whether we are at all allowed or capable to plan the future? Is planning of the future only a privilege of a sovereign state so that with the erosion of sovereignty, the Western Balkans (and all others in the EU) are not any longer allowed or capable of planning the future?

In the so-called Western Balkans, or Eastern Europe in general, the concept of ‘future’ disappeared during the 1980s. Today we need to somehow rethink our heritage of ex-Yugoslavia of the so-called five-year planning (petoletka in Serbian). This could be the first step, to start to remember the concept of the future, and than next step could be focus on 10 years future, in order to avoid the gap between the empty future on one side and UFO’s and spacecrafts on another. ‘Five year planning’ was not a typical form of central planning, but contained a certain degree of self-managed practiced by specific companies – a model unique to the Yugoslav economic model of Self-management, the “most advanced in the world” at that time. (more…)