Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


Self-managed Life Style

May 15th, 2008

Belgrade, 2018.

These are the last days of the nation-states and of corporative economy, and even here things start to change. The Serbian prime minister won with the slogan: We are pro-capitalist, but anti-corporatist! Serbia finally found its way to Europe. It sounded progressive compared to what we inherited from the local primary accumulation of capital: monopoly on the one hand, corporation on the other. Anti-corporatism is a wide movement that unites-in-differences European leftists and rightists. The leftists expect it results in opening the public space and a horizontal distribution of power. Rightists grasp it as a tool for globalization’s dissolution, and an imaginary return to the nation-state. Even anarchists like it, as it promises that labour power is separated from the state. I also stand for it as I hate any kind of “collecting as a body”. Many of us, free-lancers of the independent cultural-artistic scene accept the inevitable “pro-capitalist” for the sake of the “anti-corporatist”. And here we are. (more…)