Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


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Everything accumulates and nothing subtracts. A capacity to add and never take out. An environment where very different things coexist or reasons for things are not necessarily coherent. Could be relative characteristic for a transitional period when the direction of this transition is not well known.
 All the different things exist at the same level and have a similar importance.

Examples: Arriving to Herceg Novi (Montenegro) and walking around with our backpacks in search for a place to rent without much of success, we are stopped by a middle age woman who offers us a room to rent. – 30 Euros she says – the room has three beds and it’s more expensive just for one night. We accept and in a while we are following her and her husband down the street to their flat. The flat is placed in a 70s modernist residential building, with nice proportions, lots of stairways and a garden full of shadows from the Mediterranean vegetation. On the doorstep we take out the shoes following our hosts. – No, no you don’t have to – they say. In next second a young woman with a towel turban on her head runs into us when getting out from the shower next to the entrance. The woman shows us our room where a big matrimonial bed and a conditioned sofa are leaving very little floor space to walk around. She also explains that the door on the other end of the room takes to another room where another young fellow sleeps – he comes back late in the night after work but you won’t notice anything, she explains. We are offered a coffee on the terrace. Going there we are passing trough the living room with three sofas and I am imagining in which way they convert them into beds fitting in the space during the night. On the tiny terrace also appear four more girls and a young man. Coffee arrives, and Alessandro says – Wow, this is so good, last time I had this kind of coffee in Sarajevo five years ago – Ah, so you like Turkish coffee? Asks the woman, that leaves me something more relaxed as she used the term Turkish. We are also offered domestic schnapps, rakija. It comes from the young man sitting next to me. The rakija is of very bad quality, so called ‘brlja’ and after a first sip I am starting to feel a headache. In our conversation we find out that the young man is a truck driver; that the young nice looking women come from different cities around Belgrade and are studying political sciences at Belgrade’s faculty and that our hosts are refugees from the Bosnian war and that they have two sons that they want to get married. While we are preparing to get out for dinner a young couple arrives and enters the living room, he is all the time busy with his cell phone and she is waiting on the sofa with crossed high-heels and lots of glitter on accessories. We are counting 12 persons in total in that small flat.

Image: A stand in the Skopje market offering wide survey of DVDs with very diverse contents:
 A legend about Tito, Milosevic – Hitler, Serbian Paramilitary Guard (Arkan on the cover), Massacres in Irak (with Bin Laden), Resistance of Bosnia was heard up to the sky, JSO (Special Operation Unit of Serbia) without a mask, Truth about Aracinovo (Ethnic cleansing of Macedonians by Albanians), Tsunami, Ora i Coceci (Macedonian folklore music), Superman, Police Station, Detonator, etc

Vahida Ramujkic and Alessandro Floris