Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


foto90.jpggiu_7248.jpgCrossing the Western Balkans, an infinite number of single houses fills the landscape along the main roads. Mainly are new constructions, mostly are under construction, few are extremely luxuries. The speed and the distance let us see them as a mushroom, while getting closer they show their own free and individual architectural style. The patchwork of architectural possibilities can be read as a potential for a self-construction process, which can provide a co-existence with the landscape they inhabit and more social relations, especially between different communities. Ideas and forms drawn from existing physical and urban conditions become patterns of spatial occupation and social interaction. It is a way even to encourage participation of the citizens into planning process, starting from the neighbourhoods scale and initiating sustainable processes.

Could it be a model for a planning process, an in-between approach to the issue of participation in future aspects of architecture and town planning?

by: Giulia Fiocca & Laia Solé, 2007