Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


0-24 Personal Service

October 3rd, 2007

Through the human landscape of the Western Balkan is very common to jump in a kind of system of informal agencies. It is evident the existence of an informal system and network for solving and providing every kind of facilities and services at any hour. The lack of a service framework and the consequence presence of this kind of informality has to be seen as a potentiality for letting the system works better and for the maintenance of a latent civic sense, forgotten in the welfare societies. Moreover, this informality reveals the absence of borders between public sphere and private life; between the workplace and the intimacy, and, as a consequence of those attitudes, a conception of complete flexibility of daily time. giu_7915.jpggiu_7881.jpg

A strange noise, then smoke, and the car breaks at 9 p.m. on the main road to Belgrade, 5 km away from Podgorica. By foot, we reach a ‘Diskont Pica’, where the owner calls someone, and suggests us to reach a house next to a certain ‘kafana’ [bar, ed.]. Once there, a lady makes a call and after 10 minutes a guy on a motorbike appears. In 2 hours, while we are drinking ‘rakija’ and chatting about everything and nothing with the mother and the sister of the mechanic, he comes and goes with pieces for the car. Finally the car is repaired.

Giulia Fiocca and Laia Solé, 2007