Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)


Universal Language

October 3rd, 2007

foto41.jpg Football: a sport that unites all and cuts across geographic and social divisions. Football is more than a game and perhaps nothing more universal exists. On a vacant parking somewhere or a schoolyard or on a lot, on a beach… the game is always the same, all over the world. Travelling around the world, you just need to know the name of some football players as a sort of psycho-geographical map. Football can enter everywhere, so suddenly the international players become your neighbours and the players of your national team are seen immediately as your good friends. In that sense, football becomes an international language that promotes space, both in physical and in social terms.giu_4157.jpg
Thanks to football as a universal common language, we had moments of occasional exchange and communication on the road with local people through a slow travel methodology. A village, few km before Novi Sad, offered plenty of salesmen of melon and watermelon along the main road. We stopped just for a coffee and we spent more than 2 hours chatting with some locals without any common language except of football. At the end, in the car we had plenty of balls to eat: melon.

Giulia Fiocca and Laia Solé – with Jordina Sangrà and Elena Benigni