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March 4th, 2008

sarajevoThe terrains across Bosnia & Herzegovina’s National Parliament tower for decades defied time, patched with no-glamour parking areas, kiosks and dust-clad vacant parcels. It is a terrain that longs to become something, but takes hell-of-a-lot-of-time in doing so. It stood empty awaiting a concert hall to arrive.

Many years after dismantling Sarajevo’s famous tobacco factory, the realisation of the intended development on this site – the large concert hall – never came. From time to time, a spectacular competition is held for the area, like the one from 1999 with starchitects like Zaha Hadid in the jury. (more…)

Virtual Ownership

March 4th, 2008

sheratonThe area just behind the Tirana Palace of Culture may look like an accidentally forgotten investment opportunity. In reality, hundreds of people collectively own the piece of greenery that can be found here – or more precisely, they are connected through something that still hovers invisibly over the ground – Tirana’s Sheraton hotel. (more…)

Unfinished Revolution

March 4th, 2008

Only well informed people are aware of its existence. The concrete platform has a dimension 64 x 64m, and rises a little above the ground. The reinforcements for 9 columns stick out, long time rusted. It lives on as an empty basement casually inhabited by homeless people, lost party flocks and most recently – art projects. (more…)

Prolonged Temporality

March 4th, 2008

mitic-1It is the site of a temporary park, amidst temporary parkings. Situated next to the central bank of what proved to be a temporary country. And on its other side it is neighboured by a prestigious hotel, which for many years carried a clock of which the digits one-by-one gave up counting time. Known as ‘Mitic hole’ it is a black hole of sorts, where plans disappear and time gets lost. (more…)

miselukThe tarmac climbs up to the horizon, the tracks wind in curves to the left or to the right – but all exits lead back to this one and only stretch of 600 metres of road, somewhere in a field at the end of the city. For those who get trapped on this piece of premature infrastructure, there’s luckily one side door left. A deadly sharp curve will instantly port you back to the reality of today. (more…)

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