Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)

Exit War

November 30th, 2008

lets-make-warBoth socialist and neoliberal minds have demonstrated a significant capacity in diagnosing the recent collapse of the economic system. At the same time they have demonstrated a significant incapacity in creating concepts to find a way out of the collapse. Even if they would have had alternative visions, the political system is already so corrupted that it would not have been able to realize them. Even if political elite would have been innocent, media is already so manipulated that it would not have had the capacity to forward the message straight on. And even if the communication devices would have been justified, society is already so diversified that it would not have constituted the critical mass for the new beginning.
The scaring fact learned from the big crises in history, is that the only way out that intellectual minds, political elites, global media and diversified humanities could successfully undertake at this stadium of civilization is creating a war machine. War designers know, although they deny it, that the spectacle of war is the most effective exit strategy for leaving problems unsolved and that it is the strongest trigger for ’’dead end’’ societies to enter into another cycle of growth. Warlords have no obstacles in creating an enemy to set up the agreement for launching the fire.
Ivan Kucina

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