Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)

Multitasking Loop Trap

November 30th, 2008

multitasking-loopDuring a period of crises people get used to take on any job offer. When times get better their long-term habit creates multitasking work process. Multitasking is composed of jumps from one concurrent flow to another without knowing where they all go but with the ability to adapt to sudden changes of direction. It is very close to schizophrenic behavior with the exception that all the memory remains possible to rewind. Storing memories is enlarging capacity for more jumps, which means that the number of concurrent flows can grow over time, which again brings more memory to enlarge this capacity. The danger of such process is that it could really become schizophrenic when the memory gets too large to be stored. To avoid this danger the memory has to be shared, but sharing memory introduces another concurrent flow which means again more jumps in the process. It seems that this loop can never stop once it has been started.
Ivan Kucina

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