Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)

Self-destructing Hedonism

November 30th, 2008

selfdestructive-hedonismThe European continent has been described as incapable to establish its own consistency, with no consensus on key values, with no energy to resolve the main problems and short of sense that anyone could possibly threaten it. Europe is becoming the realm of relativism characterized by an erosion of community, uncontrolled movements of people, economic non-efficiency, political corruption, media obsession and expensive maintenance. A European society that is oriented toward having more free time, has in fact less capacity to fulfil the high demands.
The European exchange of vitality for hedonism is reviving memories to Yugoslavia that has gone (down) for the same reasons. However, self-destructive hedonism did not disappear together with the old state, perhaps because it was its main constituency. It has been approved today as a common attitude of the individual all over the Western Balkans. We all agree that it‘s better to live for the moment of absolute satisfaction than spend our lives in building up the conditions to maintain a certainty of comfort. For self-destructive hedonists only death is certain, but no one can predict the doom day that may come before death, which in turn means that all of it does not depend on anyone’s undertakings. Whatever you do to make yourself satisfied will not affect doom’s unexpected arrival. For that reason, to reach the absolute momentum of satisfaction, anyone is to take more than he or she can handle.
Ivan Kucina

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