Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)

Overcome Temporalities

August 31st, 2007

• verb (past overcame; past part. overcome) 1 succeed in dealing with (a problem). 2 defeat. 3 (usu. be overcome) (of an emotion) overwhelm
• noun (pl. temporalities) the state of existing within or having some relationship with time.

The long temporalities crash with the short ones – and what is provisional becomes stable and permanent. As Predrag Matvejevic stated, a transition is a hypothesis… while transformation is a thesis, for now the future in the Balkans is based on a permanent hypothesis: the “Post-“ condition as a permanent situation.

The city responds with indifference: two things completely different for composition, constitution, behaviour, can live one beside the other, without interrelation to each other.

Tempos are accelerated on one side and delayed on the other.

Claudia Faraone

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