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Trans-national fragments

August 31st, 2007

• prefix: 1 across; beyond: transcontinental. 2 on or to the other side of: transatlantic. 3 into another state or place: translate.  — ORIGIN from Latin trans ‘across’
• adjective:  1 relating to or characteristic of a nation. 2 owned, controlled, or financially supported by the state.
• noun a citizen of a particular country.
• noun /frmnt / 1 a small part broken off or detached. 2 an isolated or incomplete part: a fragment of conversation.  — ORIGIN Latin fragmentum, from frangere ‘to break’

The condition most diffused around the Balkan region is to be a piece of a fragmented whole, in-between different nations and cultures – the outcome of a historical layering of continuities, ruptures and interruptions. The Balkan region is currently “under construction”: the construction of identities, states, independencies, where negotiation and conflicts are the only approaches/tools used.

Over this background, the smallest fragments are moving and acting. They can for instance be recognized in the individual / woman with her body and their relations, the family.

In Skopje: Ana, Emiljia, Mitka, Makfire, Natasha, Svetlana – are fragments of larger situations (political, cultural, ethnical). They are Macedonian women coming back to Skopje from Italy, Kosovo, The Netherlands; leaving Skopje to go to Spain or Italy, moving inside the city in an internal migration from one side to the other of the river Vardar – crossing an invisible border, and their living/life condition/status is strictly linked to a location inside the city.

They are settled all over the city with such a precision that this draws a quite clear map of its own, and their stories, like city fairytales, give an insight into current Skopje and what is at stake in the Balkan region – and moreover in Europe.

Claudia Faraone

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