Lexicon for the Provisional Future(s)

Perpetual Yesterday

August 31st, 2007

img_1654Everlasting, holding on for life, for unlimited time, a need occurring continually, indefinitely blooming in the mind… On the day proceeding today… The time not long past, the ghost of “something ours” that extends in every direction and finds a way to always pull us back while we try to move away from all of that. “That” is something left behind. It gets tossed around like a joke shared among friends.  It is impossible to know when “that” starts to matter again and why it is so fucking strong, like energy created by uncontrollable joy. You lean against the wall, feel sick of the emotion running in your head, you are being pushed into a fast forward motion with an intensity unknown to you before. (Before what!?) And you hope that back “there”, where there is a lot of “that” for you to deal with, you will find other victims of the horror of the perpetual and you will dream together of a better future, built on poles.

Yane Calovski

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